Vintage inspired jazz singer

Not only a burlesque performer, Fräulein Frauke is also a vintage inspired jazz and cabaret singer. For occasions such as parties, clubs, openings, shows, weddings and shindigs, she can bring her amazing jazz pianist or acclaimed jazz trio, consisting of some of Sweden´s most established jazz musicians.

The Janne Sjöblom Trio: Janne Sjöblom on piano, Rolf Olsson on base and Jesper Kviberg on drums.

Her repertoire is extensive, encompassing classics from the early half of the last century as well as numerous contemporary greats. Her dusky voice combines a rich, timeless singing style with a modern sparkle of emotion. Fräulein Frauke and her Trio are a colourful and elegant addition to events, weddings, clubs and parties. As well as their vast repertoire of tunes, they are able to adapt to any tune or arrange a special number for the occasion.





Frauke releases her first record on April 30 2016: Cry Me a River EP together with pianist Janne Sjöblom. Release party will take place during Fräulein Frauke Presents Once Upon a Time at Nalen, April 30.


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