May 28, 2014

Art festival in Karlstad

On Friday I went to Karlstad, a small-ish town in the west of Sweden and had Such A Good Time! It was the art platform Världsalltet who booked me to their art festival party called Party Paradise. It was a fantastic evening in a small theater with a wide selection of performance based art.

There was horse performance, “dance through touch” workshop with the very lovely Cecilia Lisa Eliceche, there was great and very loving poetry slam with Ismael Ataria. One of my favorite parts was “Andrology- A guided tour to the men´s club” by artist Carl Olof Berg. A 20 minute long performance presentation that really got me moved and full of inspiration. Here is a snap of him borrowed by Anna Andersson:


I was doing burlesque and it was amazing how many people came up to me to talk. It seamed that Karlstad was very ready to see some burlesque, and several people said they where there specifically to see me and my shows. The audience was fantastic and very excited (almost tooo excited, felt a bit nervous that the expectations was built to high, but it seemed that it was fine!). We had to really squeeze more people in to the room since so many stood outside trying to get in when the number was about to start.


While waiting for the audience to fit in the room- posing! Pic by Johan Johansson

It was just a wonderful night all around and I had lovely meeting and discussions with new and fascinating people. I was also treated like a real superstar by Jenny Eklund who was one of the producers of the event and my host for the night.

Since the evening had a bit of a horse theme, I just had to wear my fetish horse harness =)

Here we are me and Jenny on the dance floor, photo borrowed by Anna Andersson


Here’s more of a posed horse. Picture taken by Annika Kramenius


Thank you so much to Världsalltet, Jenny and Susanne Berggren for having me! <3



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