The Virgin Bride

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A dramatic and sexy act, starting as a white virgin bride, and turning in to a sexy stripptease. Music is Like a Prayer sung by Frauke and then a remix of Era’s Ameo.

Video will come soon!


Space Pearl

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A spectacular number from outer space. The act is two-parted, first there is a video projection, then the pearl and Frauke is revealed in a l.e.d dress and silk fans and stripptease.
This act needs a big stage and preparations.
The Pearl and Frauke can also be used for other acts and themes – like shorter installations and dramatic gogo/mood dancing to enhance any extravagant event.
Ask for more details!

VIDEO here 


The Fräulein Follies

22467380_10155897317025820_6463172039357950472_o 49517967_10157119045940820_1354331736799969280_o

An ode to the classic showgirl! A tribute to the famous opening act of the film “The Ziegfeld Follies” from 1945.

Video here


Der Fågelfänger / Bird Catcher

  12278728_10153787563755820_5589448716578606068_n  10410628_716306785077714_8320846674138139639_n  10653673_10152743282160820_6881293528088375104_n

Duration 5.58 – Classic showgirl meets opera!
(With or without live singing – with fan dance)
FF sings the famous bird catcher song from the opera The Magic Flute in an enchanted forest when something awful happens! She is captured and put into a golden bird cage! To get out she will have to seduce her captor with a beautiful fan dance!

Video here


The Blue Showgirl

14612499_10154632247080820_3268985893592483930_o  14691346_10154632247145820_4204676214518792809_o 14632966_10154704226705820_1284349903353710610_n

Duration ca 5,5 minutes – Classic showgirl extravaganza
(With or without singing)

This is Frauke’s super glamorous showgirl number inspired by the idea of vintage Paris and classic burlesque.

Video here

The Human Cupcake

22308922_10155875748320820_144512254245173313_n 22339318_1570327703027228_6227174753137428759_o 22256825_10155875748370820_4562203720766227688_o

on 3,30 – A real life dessert!

Fun and cheeky, this is a classic showgirl routine in pastel colors and a big boa, ending with a sexy cream smear

Video here

Dark Showgirl

27798319_10156237057460820_3267344131554890701_o 27657812_10156237063895820_2068780057317610547_n

Dark and sumptuous, this act starts with classic burlesque music to go over to a morden, dark tune while Frauke stripps and fan dances away to the audience excitements.

Video here

Madame Pompadoure’s Boudoir

john-paul__jpb6448 john-paul__jpb6563

Come in to Madame Pompadour’s boudoir where the diva herself is feeling lazy… She just wants to sit in her divan eating chocolates… Can be done with, or without live singing and goes from a 18th century costume, to a sumptuous Catherine D’lish gown to a finale with a powder puff.

Video here

Come to the Circus

cirkus2 cirkus

Duration 3,35 minutes – Opening Circus classic burlesque act

With singing, balloon pooping and confetti rain

Video here


Mermaid / Birth of Venus

11042674_10153187226240820_7642265077683432250_n  10801741_10201923225362406_4881767121735656943_n  10425868_10153110406625820_7334187643196633222_n

Duration 4.44 – Transformation act

When a mermaid dies, she turns in to froth on the water, from this froth was the Goddess Venus born in the ancient stories… Magical and beautiful, takes on the tale of mermaids and ancient stories, with an unusual take on a fan dance

Video here

The Vampire Queen / Evil Queen

12670773_10154025054570820_3516799819203211781_n (1) 12744091_10153975052000820_4875852804191887654_n 12814702_10154025055000820_3717653886385293602_n

Dark and royal act, ends in blood – video here

Puss in Boots

puss puss2

Video coming soon.

Snow White

Snow White  378103_473674462708837_10830372_n

Duration 3.33 – Darker and fun version of the classic fairy tale (With or without live singing)

A fairy tale come to life… Some day my prince will come? But before then, the beautiful Snow White wants to have some fun! Cheeky, pretty and iconic she will steal your hearts

Video here

Pierrot – The reverse love story

The Reverse Love Story / Pierrot

Duration 3.46 – 20’s inspired sad reverse love story

Frauke’s latest act inspired by the Commedia Dell’arte character of Pierrot and his sad love life…


More acts…

Christmas fans    Happy Birthday!        All That Jazz    Fräulein the Beer Maiden     Razzle Dazzle          12107273_10153713407675820_6111958165970767639_n

Frauke has several more numbers that can be used and re-adapted. Christmas, Easter and Valentines day, Space Oddity, Deutsche Fräulein or just a classic showgirl act with a specific song or why not a  real birthday celebration with Frauke jumping out of her cake in a confetti rain…? Get in touch for more information!

All bookings and inquiries email

All pictures except the last one (Taken by Olof Frejd) and the Blue Paris Showgirl one (taken by Anna Thorbjörnsson) is by John-Paul Bichard


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