April 27, 2014


Today has been a perfect day. The best day I have had in a very long time. It was warm, I looked pretty, I meet a lot of friends and had a (still a secret) very exciting meeting!

It started with a lovely and warm walk with my dog Morticia, who I always miss so much when we are away. I dumped her off at my best friends house and went to the “Burleskloppis” a vintage- and burlesque inspired flee market. I found a lot of stuff, much more than I intended ^^

I bought a perfect yellow vintage dress with a matching bolero in JUST my size, a corset and a couple of rabbit ears for the pin-up studio, and a Stop Staring dress covered in cherry’s.


I also meet some lovely people, for example the very talented hat maker Ruth- Hannah, that have made the hat I wore (pictured borrowed from her):


After this shopping paradise I meet up with my very, very best friend Annikki (who also brought the dog- talk about service) for a walk in the park, a bun filled pick-nick and play time with her baby!


It all sounds so simple, but I haven’t done these kind of things in ages and it was wonderful!

And now I am at home, eating my baby John Paul’s delicious home cooked food with very exciting and good news bubbling inside me and looking forward to do some work for the rest of the day.

Thank you Universe for being great today!


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  • Fanny April 27, 2014

    Weee! Låter underbart! Och you do look fabolous! Fin bild på Morran! 🙂 Vi måste ses! När??

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