February 7, 2014

Couple pin-up shoot, first of the year!

We had so much fun last week when we did this years first “Bichard Pin-up Studio” shoot. It was not only ONE pin-up, but two: the lovely burlesque performing couple Mystique Luna and Lord Beaverbottom, all the way from Gothenburg where they perform regularly with Tip the Velvet, one of Sweden’s finest burlesque clubs.


They had come up with this funny idea of doing “rosy, happy couple wanting to kill each other”, so we did a lot of working around for hat to work with fun props and feeling. We could not decide on one pic, so we did two, quite different, one that really says “crazy couple” and feels more like something hat could be used as a poser pic for a modern play or something, and then one that is more classic pin-up but with a wist.


I like he pin-up one best, but really like the craziness in the second one!

Then we did some beautiful sailor ones as well- such a classic theme and they looked great in that color set.


Looking at these beauties is a great way of ending of the week… Now we are off to the first burlesque club of the year, and tomorrow it is John-Pal’s birthday! <3


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