July 24, 2014

Dancing my night’s away

I love the summer! And Saturday was the Perfect summer day!

Early work, picnic and then a great show at Melt (always love it there) with two dear friends coming by and my lovely and burlesque loving uncle, so after and in between the shows we had some fab cocktails and cheese.


Here we are: Christer, Karin, Klara and my self. Snap shoot taken by John-paul who was alos there

But the real magic came afterwards! During the dog picnic me and a friend, fabulous singer Jenny Gabrielsson Mare, where talking about my love for Swedish indie pop music, and Håkan Hellström in particular… I haven’t been to  club with that music (or to a club, without working, full stop) for, like 3,5 years. She tipped me about a club that should be in my liking and it turned out it was the same night! Magic!


Jenny and Zita- wonderful dog!

So after the show at Melt I convinced my lovely company to come with me and dance the night away to Håkan Hellström =) They where sceptical, but gave it a chance, and I believed, had fun. But after an hour I found my self alone.

I had So Much Fun! I had totally forgotten how fun it is! I meet a bunch of friends, one in particular I was dancing with all night and that I haven’t seen for 8-9 years!

I was flirted with and had to verbally beat up guys (well, boys) for their extremely bad and rude flirting skills, I got recognized by fans twice and feelt like a bit of a superstar and I sang along (loudly!) to three of my favorite Håkan songs <3


I was even captured in one of the club images, standing and talking to Martin (not my finest picture, but hey) The club is called Demokratiskt Dansgolv, and I hope to go there again!

On the way home the night was beautiful, warm and lovely and I was so happy!







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