December 17, 2013

Hamburg <3

This weekend have been spend performing in Hamburg, and it has been so much fun!

It is the second time I was invited to perform at the notorious burlesque bar Queen Calavera. It is such a different and inviting place! Really small, just of the infamous Reperbahn, where one can come and see top burlesque performers Thursday to Saturday. Every night the performers do three shows each, so every half an hour, starting at eleven. It is long nights and you have to be on top for quite a wile…

The actual stage is super tiny, so it is a real challenge, but a very good one. If you can do a number well there- you can do it anywhere! It was also great for me because I bought my new Christmas act, and this was a great way of really getting in to the new routine.


Selfie before my first act… Should have taken a picture after my 10th one!

The best part except performing for a great audience (especially Thursday and Saturday- such a joy!) I had the pleasure of  spending a lot of time with the wonderful Domino Barbeau and the amazing Marlene von Steenwag, with whom I also shared a room with. It was a lot of girly talk, talk of our boys at home (I missed John-Paul terribly) and a lot of fun to get to know these ladies better.

Saturday, and my last evening was just crazy! Before the show at the Queen we where invited to perform at Carlos Kellas Christmas party. Carlos is a great photographer know for his beautiful burlesque pictures and it was a real honor to perform there, if yet, a bit chaotic with jumping in cabs, forgetting my fans and stressing like crazy. If it was one thing that I learn this weekend it is that I really can do “anything”, and that even though I miss some props, my music dosen´t work and I have to improvise a whole show: it is okay! That has been really good for me to find out, even if it was through “the hard way”.


Me with Sven Petersen (the owner of Queen Calavera) and Carlos Kella

Saturday also had the fantastic surprise of guest performance of one of the best boylesue performers I have seen: New York local, Evil Hate Monkey. He is staying in Hamburg for weeks being part of the Australian, all male, circusy, boylesquy show “Briefs” and came by for a couple of numbers and hang out. Was really cool to see him perform again, will try to catch the show when it will be in Berlin during March.

Except performing and hanging out I had time to do some Christmas shopping (well mostly bought my self a new, very sparkling necklace) and went to the Photography House seeing a great show of Guy Bourdin before I went home on a delayed plane with loads of screaming children on it. (Not my favorite part of the weekend)




Costume from “The Phantom of the Opera” in a window display.

When I came home JP had decorated the flat all Christmassy, something I love but not have had time for, so it was lovely to come home.

Really hope I can return soon! Love Hamburg! Thank you so much Sven Petersen for having me and for creating such a wonderful place to perform in! <3



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  • Fanny December 17, 2013

    Sounds wonderful! Weeeeee!

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