In need of a party?

Fräulein Frauke and her husband John-Paul Bichard have been producing shows for five years, everything from big over the top event such as Fräulein Frauke Presents New Years specials and Stockholm Burlesque Festival, with over 1100 guests, to smaller more intimate clubs, to private parties, openings and weddings.

They have a vast experience and good contacts in entertainment business: from burlesque and cabaret, to circus, live music, DJs and dance. If you are looking to put some simple entertainment on your party, or you want help with arranging a full fledged mega event? Nothing is impossible!

They also have a couple of “ready made” shows in different themes, that one directly can book and get for any party. All shows can be done bigger or smaller, including only burlesque/cabaret or burlesque in conjunction with a excellent live band.

Shows can also be put together with short notice in any theme or style you want! Dont hesitade to ask!

Get in touch with Fräulein Frauke for quotes and ideas:


Cuba Libre

The wild and colourful burlesqueshow Cuba Libre brings dancing and entertainment in true Latin American tiki-style. Think tutti-frutti, passion and heat in a sexy, non-stop rumba feast for the eyes.

La Belle Paris
La Belle Paris evokes the roaring 20s with a beautiful and decadent French theme. A heady blend of  jazz, charleston, beautiful singing and French flair fit both a fancy party until dawn, as well as dinner entertainment and mingle.

Old School Christmas

A Burlesque Christmas Carol: what could be more fitting for the long dark Winter? We blend classic burlesque, singing and dancing, reminiscent of Bing Crosby, the golden 50’s and all the exciting gifts to open …