January 21, 2014

Poster shoot

Inspiration for the up coming club, Johnny Depp as a certain mad hatter…

Yesterday me and John-Paul did this years first shoot (together anyway, I had the pleasure to shoot with the great photographer Anna Thorbjörnsson last week for her up-coming burlesque project) for the poster for our next club!

It was A LOT of fun! The theme of the up-coming club is “Wonderland”, one of my all time favorite themes! It can have a little to do with that I love strange and wonderful things and also because that was the theme we had on our wedding, almost exactly 4 years ago!

Fraukes and John-Paul´s Wonderland wedding 2010, Featured in Bröllops Guiden

Mine and John-Paul´s Wonderland wedding 2010, Featured in Bröllops Guiden

So it feels extra special to take it to the club! We have amazing superstars like Amber Ray from New York, everyone’s favorite bunny Scotty the Blue Bunny now living in Berlin and circus-princess-crazy-lady Abigail Collins from the UK. Together with Swedish sweetheart Ivoncita and the surrealistic Wallenberg, we will bring the most amazing saga to life!

So, yesterday was the time for the shoot. Can you guess what I was? I will give you some clues, and I can promise the result is amazing- I love it!


This was one of our wedding presents from my older sister Pernilla, an absolute beautiful 3D book about Alice


This WILL be an outfit for the club… (Have to start making it, like now…)



The result of the image is ready, and I love it, JP is very good and it is so nice to see images coming to life on screen, quite different from what they looked like in the beginning…

And now we are working it up to be a full poster

Tickets will be out beginning of February- and with it, the result of yesterday´s shoot, stay tuned!



  • Linda January 22, 2014

    Jag har planerat min outfit till denna fest i en månad nu och kommer nog inte bli klar med den förens precis i tid xD Men jag älskar att planera outfits inför dina fester, och dom blir oftast lyckade, så det gör mej inget! 😉

    • admin January 22, 2014

      Åh vad kul! Har inte börjt med min än ^^ *panik*

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