August 11, 2014

Summer costume and new act

So this summer I have been working on a new costume. It has been quite relaxed, I just wanted to do something that didn’t include to much pressure and something that would be a bit challenging.

It started with this dress.


The dress is from the 60’s and long, really nice, BUT not at all my style. It was also broken at several places so when I bought it in Beyond Retro around 6 years ago I planned to “do something with the fabric'” and haven’t touch it since.

But now I did! I have wanted to do an umbrella act for some time AND I wanted to try to do a corset (my very first one) so the dress have been massacred and turned in to a corset, knickers, bra, hat, cape and dress details. I still have a little tiny pieces left for details on the umbrella that I haven’t bought yet.


The corset making went fine in the beginning, but then in the end I wasn’t so happy with it. But, on the other hand I learned a lot, and will now do my second one (this time for John-Paul)

But with the rest of the costume I am really very pleased! <3

Pennies From Heaven


The act is called Pennies from Heaven =) and all I need now is the right umbrella

Pictures saying “Bichard” is taken by John-Paul Bichard


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