Be Friends with the Producer
& How to get booked

A burlesque workshop and Q & A for burlesque performers

Swedish based burlesque performer and producer Fräulein Frauke shares her tips and observations on how the international burlesque scene works, how to approach and deal with producers, how to apply succesfully to big shows and festival, how to communicate with clients outside the burlesque bubble, ask to get payed and how to organize your burlesque life.

After almost 8 years of producing burlesque- and related events, and over five years as an international traveling showgirl, Frauke has a lot of accumulated knowledge. Runner of the acclaimed burlesque, cabaret and jazz club Fräulein Frauke Presents, that also tours in different capacities, as well as the International Stockholm Burlesque Festival.

Married to, and partner with, top burlesque photographer John-Paul Bichard, there will also be talk about how to best use promotion tools and how communication works best, ownership of photos, copyrights etc.

Workshop takes ca 1 or 1,5 hour(s) and have a Q & A


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