September 1, 2014

1001 magical Night!

Oh my God! So happy and full of buz after this epic weekend and the best start of this very busy autumn I could have dreamed for! <3

Here is some pictures (taken by John-Paul Bichard) from Saturday’s Fräulein Frauke Presents burlesque club!

We had a very glamorous “1001 Nights” theme, and people- like always- just came in the most exquisite costumes! We had amazing performers as always. The first European burlesque performer I ever heard of (so it was really fun to finally have her on our stage!) Xarah von den Vielenregen from the Netherlands, a gorgeous 20’s styled sweetheart!.


“The Duke of Finnish boylesque”, the fabulous and dramatic Sir Willy Waterlily. That also stayed  little longer hanging out, playing games and doing a very fantastic nude shoot with John-Paul for a up-coming, secret project!


Hosting was by no other than Ophelia Bitz, fantastic singer and compere extraordinaire from UK and like, SUCH a cool and inspiring person!


Our Swedish performer this time was also just outstanding! The Swedish ueen of burlesue bellydance: Yvette Les Fesses was joined by two dancers (The Hot Hips) for a fun, fast and modern “Shabi”, Egyptian street dance number.


Birthday girl Ida Aurora was singing, bot solo and with me in a couple of fun and challenging(!) duos. We did Get Happy / Happy Days as Judy Garland and Barbra Streisand which went SO WELL and was so much fun!


We also had a real Swedish superstar! The Swedish Champion in magic: Simon Almers just charmed everybody in there with his boyish charm and great aesthetic!


And then a great band all the way from Canada: Les Petits Nouveaux, Miss Rita Regrets debut number in Harlem and fantastic music by Madame Mare & Naughty Sweetie <3


I was also premiering a new number: Tutankhamun! It was scary and I was very nervous, but it went well and was fun! So happy about the costume, and especially the great prop, beard and hat John-Paul has made for me. More picture of this will come soon!


It was just an amazing evening all around. In these times full of wright wing fascism, nazi demonstrations, war’s and over all horribleness, it is so nice to see people coming together and celebrate culture, difference and queerness- all together, in a gorgeous venue! I LOVE my life and what I get the luxury of working with! <3

More photos can be seen here

Now it is only a few days til next “Fräulein Frauke Presents”!!! We will do two shows in Ystad on Friday and Saturday! There really is no rest for the wicked!



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