Wow! What a year, and it ended with an absolute BANG!

We held, for the second year in a row, “Fräulein Frauke Presents The Great Masquerade”- Stockholms grandest party! We bought over amazing performers, had a seated dinner show for 160 people to start the evening off and had three rooms open with great DJ´s for over 800 people dancing away til 3 o´clock in the morning! It was truly magical and I can not even say how happy I am over the whole evening!


The entrance to Nalen just before opening



The whole day was completly mental! Woke up at 06 because I was so excited, stressed and nervous. At 10 a radio interviewer can to our (very messy) house to talk about the night and burlesque ways of celebrating New Year.


Then it was dog sitting who had to be gone to, Nalen to set up, performers to pick up, sound check´s, make up and full speed til 18.30 when the guest´s started arriving. The show was hosted by one of our absolute favorite MC, the Australian wirlwind Reuben Kaye who did such an amazing job and people just loved him!



The first set was fabulous with a very strong 20´s style to it. It started with the gorgeous Contessa Blackbird doing her Charleston tribute burlesque number.


We had the American magician Christopher Wonder over for the second time (first was our “Under the Sea” themed club 2011), and I love his aesthetic! We share the love of the muppet show, and that is how I see him, very vaudeville inspired and have that old image of entertainment in his shows witch I think is fantastic!



Ruby Luscious did both a Charleston dancing number in the beginning of the show and then her gorgeous Hour Glass burlesque number later on.


One international performer I was very happy to meet and have over was Peggy de Lune, a real star and award winning burlesque starlet traveling all over the world to perform her cheeky and very funny numbers. Peggy has such a stage personality and I love the way she combines burlesque with live singing.




Our other international headliner was the very beautiful Italian lady Cleo Viper. Just found out she was voted number 28 on the list of Top 50 burlesque performers in the world. Cleo has had a fantastic year with one high point of competing on the Burlesque Hall of Fame for the title “Miss Exotic World” and travels around the globe. She brought us her fantastic, dark and seductive “The Crow” number as well as her new one “The Death of Cleopatra” with a huge snake!



Apart from this fantastic stage show we had a opera singer Katta who sang to the people coming in, fantastic DJ´s Choco Canel and Fashionasti and of course my self! I was sing with the band a bunch of 20´s styled songs. It is always the best part of the club for me! To be singing in front of such a big audience in a place like Nalen where all the big singers and performers have been before me, accompanied by an amazing band is seriously a dream come true!


Here is me with the band: Rolf Olsson, Janne Sjöblom and Gus Dahlberg. Also: check out my dress! It was made for me this New Year by Fanny Kellerman and her designing project Stage Fright. Can warmly recommend her, the dress is beautiful and I am so happy for it! I also did a show girl burlesque number piece with loads of blue feathers and singing the song “After I Get What I Want I Don’t Want It”- a take on the Marylin Monroe classic.


As always with our club, it is astonishing just how beautiful and up dressed our guests are! I really have never seen something quite like it! It was a wide range of beautiful costumes, dresses, masks and plumes. 1457689_10153654678755545_927294321_n

Here is for example Fanny Kellerman, Miss Meadows, Fredrik and Linda Marie just outside (photo by Micheal Kellerman)


And Karin, with her own made dress and mask/hat, completely gorgeous!

One of the high light of the evening was a beautiful, gangster looking man proposing on stage to his (equally beautiful) girlfriend! She said yes, and it was such a fantastic moment! Let 2014 be a year of love and happiness!


It was seriously the best New Year I have had and could ever dream of, and the best part is that we have a go-a-head to do it again next year!! <3 Excited already!

Have a feeling 2014 will be a fantastic year!


Photo from Cleo

All photos saying “Bichard” are taken by John-Paul Bichard.

And here is one of me and my baby: (They are a bit rare since he is always behind the camera! This time Rolf Olsson helped us out!)


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