June 6, 2014

5 year lists

So… tomorrow is the day! Celebrating 5 years with my wonderful burlesque and cabaret club “Fräulein Frauke Presents” that I am so so proud of! So much to do- it is the most ambitious event yet with loads of surprises… Sitting here and thinking o the five years that have gone by is making me very emotional. So here comes a little list of things…

Most magical memory:

I have loads of great ones, but think the most magical memory is at the very first club at the big hall at Nalen, Duty Calls. A friend of mine, Mikael, had build me a 4 meter long canon that I used in my number and performed/stripped on top of. It felt really amazing and was so special! It still give me goosebumps when I think about it…

Duty Calls

Biggest starstruck

Also hard… It has been so many fantastic performers on the show that I have felt like a real fan for… On the very first FFP Bruce Springsteen’s drummer (? I can´t even remember who it was but A LOT of people there was very impressed and excited) was in the audience =)

Worst club ever

This is not even a competition, it’s easy: FFP Shanghai Opium Nights. It was our last event at Pluto (where we started out, in the suburb) and EVERYTHING went wrong! When we showed up it was no sound system and the place looked like an absolute mess, we found drug needles and knives on the floor amongst all the crap. During the night a lamp fell down almost hit someone on the dance floor (big lamp), the fridge fell apart and 6 wine bottles broke, the lamp that we was going to use for Virginia Valentine’s number made the power go out in the whole place. The toilette broke… So it was a flood on the floor, and the 24 hour toilette fixer wanted to leave after being yelled at by the care taker that also called me a whore… It was n.o.t a great night.

Best thing happening through FFP

Of course that my husband came to the very first FFP in June 6 2009! This is where we meet and he has been to every single one, even though we where not a couple until the third one. Who would have new!?


First picture of John-Paul Bichard during the night we meet….

Favorite quote

“Jag har aldrig sett så här mycket folk på Nalen” (I have never seen this many people at Nalen) said by Gus the drummer who played and visited Nalen during it’s glory days, in the 60´s and more. That was pretty cool. And “Am I gonna be on that stage? Awesome!” Said by the Chrystal Wizard- a great and experienced cabaret performer from the UK being impressed by the beautiful stage and venue.


Hr is me with the band (playing with them is also one of my favorite thing to do!) Gus is on the right.

Biggest non-diva

I must say that most of the people we have had over, even though we have had some of the best people in the buz have been amazing and lovely to work with. One that was a bit surprise to me was the lovely Exotic Luna Rosa… For some reason I though she would be kind of a bitch (can’t remember why I would even think so, but she so cool and amazonic and fantastic, so that was what I thought). She came and was like the nicest person ever, and it just goes to show that the real stars are not divas or bitches, they are amazing and that is why they get so far.

Favorite burlesque routine:

Th first number that I did that I got really happy with was my “Fågelfänger”… It was the first “ral” burlesque number, bfore that my numbers was very simple and sing based, bu with the Birdcatcher I really felt like I was doing burlesque. The number have been through several stages, and is now r-done again for tomorrow!

Der Fågelfänger (Birdcatcher)

So… Tomorrow is the night! <3


All photos by John-Paul Bichard


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