*The Bell of the Ball* and “the Cheeky Siren of Yesteryear” grew up in the dark allies of queer Weimar Berlin in the 20´s, danced on off-Broadway stages during the 30´s depression and sipped cocktails in Las Vegas with the Rat Pack in the 50´s.
Renowned for her beautiful singing, extravagant and lavish costumes and intellectual creativity on stage, this dark beauty combines jazz and striptease with the glamour of Old Hollywood and the decadence of the early twentieth century.
She is Sweden´s biggest burlesque export, sexport, if you will, travelling the world with her unique, cheeky and glamorous take on classic burlesque!

Her travels have taken her far and wide and she has graced stages, big and small, all over Europe. In everything from established and prestigious festivals and art events from Vienna to Umeå, to decadent night clubs and rough biker bars från Berlin to Vetlanda, in extravagant burlesque festivals from New York to Warsaw: in beautiful buildings and in dark, filthy places.
Numerous times named on the “Burlesque Top 50” list by 21centuryburlesque as one of Europe’s top performers.

Together with partner JP Bichard she also runs the acclaimed International Stockholm Burlesque Festival and her own cabaret show “Fräulein Frauke Presents”: a wonderful fantasy world of forgotten entertainment…

Photo: Olivier Charlet