May 2, 2014

Berlin Baby!

So, times really flies right now and I think that May might just be my busiest month of the year, with a lot of exciting things coming up! Less than a week ago me and John-Paul was quite relaxed and very much enjoying Berlin where we went after my four night at the Queen Calavera in Hamburg.

I love Berlin. I lived in Berlin a few years when I was younger and for me the city has it’s own magic to it. When I am there I get reminded of that time, but also about time passing and things changing. For good and for bad somethimes… This trip was only fantastic, but sometimes when I have been there I get very melancholic.

This time we had fantastic weather and loads of fun planned. First night (on the Monday) we went to our favorite Vietnamese restaurant (that we ALWAYS go to when we are in town, at least two times) with two friends and ate their fabulous duck dinner! JP is pretty obsessed with duck, and since it is delicious and we eat it (proportionally) a lot, it has become kind of “my thing” as well…

On Tuesday we went to Potsdam and had a fun, small shoot (it started raining) in a beautiful garden with classical buildings. I was posing as Snow White and the back drop with the castle was fab. Sad enough we didn’t have time to do any ones sitting down in the green gardens… =(

On the Wednesday evening we put on our fancy clothes, (and fancy hair!) and went to the cool, gritty burlesque club Pinky’s Peepshow at the infamous Bassy club.


John Paul had of course time to do some more shooting, not only twice with me (Snow White and blue-ish showgirl) but also with the super cool Clea Cutthroat and the very gorgeous Marlene von Steenvag. The latter was sadly very short since she had to travel to Hamburg for her surprised weekend at the Queen Calavera. The nice thing was that she invited me to join them and it was in the famous and amazing Wintergarten, where I performed last year with the Berlin Burlesque Festival.


On Thursday I performed at the new, weekly burlesque event Klass und Sass- So Much Fun! Amazingly beautiful cocktail bar in Kreuzberg. It really was classy, and pretty burlesque babes even rocking from the roof:


The stage was small, but fun to perform at, on a “balcony” looking down to a place packed with people.



It was a great night by Fez Wrecker who is the runner of the show. It was the first time I performed with London legend Frank Sanazi, who is hilarious, and meet Berlin based performer Eden Berlin. We had some drinks, some fun back stage and did some dancing to great tunes (great music all night)


Hurricane Irina, the stage kitten looking out =)

10155581_371248696349566_5991183275649263662_n (photos of Klass und Sass polaroids borrowed from Eden)

Our last Friday was very relaxed because we thought that our flight was leaving late on Saturday evening. I planned to do some shopping etc during my last day. BUT, it was 09.00 in the morning! So a little surprised I found my self packing at 02.00 o’clock after my last Germany show at the lovely and super sweet cupcake café Lissabonbon, where I was hosting and performing at a “girl’s night out cupcake dinner”. (My kind of dinner, right?)


We had to go up at 6, so didn’t get any shopping done, but it was OKAY, for we had such an amazing and wonderful time! Friends, shows, food! What more can a girl want?

All pictures with “bichard” on them is taken by John-Paul Bichard =)


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