Burlesque is a vintage inspired extravagant cabaret entertainment that includes some form of striptease and the dealing with sexuality with a feministic undertone.
It brings in questions of norms, gender, identity, politics, beauty, body image and creativity, where the artist’s unique point of view and their own body and sexuality becomes material for their art.
Forms of dance, theater, drag, variety, circus, story telling, poetry and music are often included in a fluent way.

Burlesque can be everything from “classic burlesque” – a glamorous homage to the vintage sirens of yesteryears with big, glamorous costumes making a nod to the pionering women who paved the way as artists within normbreaking and sexual stage art. To “neo-burlesque”, a more modern and free take on the expression, often with modern music and attributes.
All genders can do burlesque and it can be funny, sexy, crazy, provoking, mesmerizing, weird, beautiful: everything is welcomed at a burlesque show!

Fräulein Frauke is one of Sweden’s top burlesque stars renowned for her beautiful singing, extravagant and lavish costumes and intellectual creativity on stage. This dark beauty combines jazz and striptease with the glamour of Old Hollywood and the decadence of the early twentieth century.
With a mix of classic acts, beautiful fan dances, sing-and-fling and darker fetish inspired acts: she has something for every occasion!

See all Frauke´s acts HERE and book her at frauke@frauleinfrauke.com 

Photo: V’s Anchor Studio