May 18, 2014

Burlesque Dinner at Melt

Thursday night was a blast! I hosted my 4th “Burlesque Dinner” party at Melt and it was great! A lot of really nice people came, some I knew before and some new faces. Three women I had the pleasure of doing a hen-party for, like two years ago came, for example! The feeling when you realise that, even if you don’t see or meet people for a while, they still remembers you and think you are cool is really priceless!


I sang some jazz, talked a lot about burlesque, costumes, parties, gender rolls and did one of my favorite numbers- that I haven’t done for a long time (it really is a summer number) Chicka Boom! We also did some burlesque dancing mini-workshop in the restaurant, on the bar to everyone’s delight.



This is in some way the “dream gig”- good food, nice company, fantastic drinks and then me, being able to do and sing pretty much what ever I want! Fabulous! Will see when the first one for this autumn will be planned for!


All pictures by John-Paul Bichard!


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