December 9, 2013

Christmas – new number and costume

I can not believe it is Christmas already, time just goes too fast!

For this Christmas I have been asked to be part of a “julbord”, a christmas smorgasbord, together with STHLM WRESTLING and some other lovely performers (Ivoncita and Kwipi Lovebite) and fabulous food at the old cinema Astoria. It is to nights only, on Wendsday and Friday… (Check out the tickets here: This gave me an excellent opportunity to create the Christmas number I have been thinking about for a wile.


It is very “classic” Christmas and I will start it of with singing “Santa Baby” and then go over to striptease with a funny and “jazzy” (well, hm…) version of Rudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer and then New Orleans Bump.

I am excited for the show and for the number, but it has been a bit stressed, with everything coming up for New Year, it´s hard to keep everything up that needs to be done! I haven´t even put up any Christmas stuff at home- and I LOVE Christmas! Feels a bit sad…

Any way, the whole costume is now done and I am super happy with it! It was nice because I have been re-using a lot of costume pieces that I already had, but re-vamped them, so it is not everything I have to buy or sew.

The dress was the challenge, it has no stretch in the fabric witch means it is oh so much more important with the fit. I have never really done a dress just like this, so knowing that I am happy with the fit, even though it could have been a little bitr more precise. The corset I am having underneth is a beautiful thing from Agent Provocateur that I have had for years, but it does not create so extreme curves, that I prefer and that also does not help in getting the dress shaping the kind of Jessica Rabbit figure I want for this number =)





I have worked hard on the boobs though, doing a very fluffy and “big” cup bra! Feels a bit weird, but I do like it!




It has been such a lovely day today and I got a lot done! (Working steady on my new New Year costume!!) and the most fun part was the costume shoot me and John-Paul did <3 We also did a more saucy fetish inspired shoot, but more on that later!