December 28, 2013


Ah! We are back in town again after a very lovely and relaxing Christmas out in country with my family. Of all of us (we are 7 people) I am the big Christmas enthusiast and if I can decide, would like to make decorations, bake, wrap presents and have a three for the whole of December. It is seldomly that happens though, and this year, December have been busier than ever!


We did not even have our own Christmas three! I haven’t been without one since I was like 7 and had to settle for the big one in the living room…

Christmas started the 23rd when I left town to go to my parents place outside of Trosa, ca one hour from Stockholm. John-Paul was left in town for a few hours to pick up the last gifts that where arriving with the post. I decorated the tree while trying to get the rest of the family to help… The three was alright, but I missed my own ornaments that I have collected for years.

The first day continued with the preparation stuff that I love so much, I baked amazingly good saffron buns with a new recipe. Saffron buns is literary the best thing I know and these have been the only one I have made this year… I had also given everybody in my family a pre-Christmas gift: ginger bread forms, all in different and funny, personal styles that I found in a beautiful little shop in Hamburg. So we all made gingerbread cookies together. The ham was done the night before, and is at its best when you eat it warm in the evening. I would say that this first night was the best one!


On Christmas eve we had loads of food! I love good food! I only had fish dishes, that are my favorite, because I am not so keen on ham, meatballs, sausage etc and I even ate my first herring! Not usually my favorite but this was a nice italian recipe that my parents where very pleased with!


After the food it was gift time =) We give a lot of gifts in my family, and I got some great and very thoughtful stuff! Some of my favorite gifts was a beautiful pair of Miss L Fire shoes from John Paul, a jigsaw puzzle of “Fräulein Frauke” (500 pieces, super hard and not my thing to do at all, but I loved it!) from my sister Fanny and her boyfriend Nicklas and a mannequin doll that belonged to my childhood idol and my mothers best friend Lenita, who sadly past away a few years ago.

This doll (named Barbro) have been to a lot of adventures, for example, in the summers during Mid-summer, Lenita used to put her up in the apple three naked with a pair of black knickers hanging from her ankle. I don’t know how many car drivers almost drove off the road! (It happend at least once!) I love that story. I often think about that Lenita would be very happy and proud over what I am doing with my life if she would have known.


The rest of Christmas was just very relaxing, we saw great movies, Iron Man 3 (with my favorite hot-man actor), Ground Hog Day (one of my favorite film) and Ratata, a Swedish film that totally contribute to my life since I saw it as a kid. Also, a lot of game playing and puzzle making (especially from Nicklas, who was very good at putting me together =) )




No it is only a very few days til our grand New Years Ball at Nalen, and I am very nervous and excited!





  • Fanny December 28, 2013

    Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Bra summering! (jag orkade inte skriva så mycket, höhö)

  • Elisabeth Wallenberg December 30, 2013

    What a lovely and warm christmas! Thank you for sharing it!

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