Émilie - short film


The struggle between love, life and science: A woman’s sacrifice to become immortal.

A historical short film drama about the forgotten scientist woman Emilie du Chatelet’s last year in life battling love, knowledge, rejections and heartbreak.
Starting of as Felicia Bichard’s one woman solo show in 2019, now a film with the fantastic Ala Riani as Èmilie.

Written and directed by Felicia Bichard
Filmed, edited and VR-world creator: John-Paul Bichard
Credit list:
Émilie: Ala Riani
Saint Lambert: Johan L Heinstedt, Voltaire: Jan Schmidt, Servant: Isabella Sjööns + Nora Ullert, Anna Svensson Kundromichalis, Mikael Bernelöv, Thomas Hagaeus
Costume: Maria Franzon, Anna Kjellsdotter, Marianne Bernt Stange and more Hair/wardrobe: Vera Björk Make-up: Elisabeth Freiberger & Linda Liedberg

Produced by Bichard Studios