February 11, 2014

EPIC surprise party

Oh my God, this weekend was so great and really crazy! My darling John-Paul Bichard had his 50’eth birthday (!) and I have been planning he surprise party for ages, lying away o him, so he wouldn’t notice =D

On day D, I woke him up with breakfast in bed and a little mini-gift. Then I said that he should just “stay in and play his favorite video game, since I took care of the dog and where going to working out” etc… We where supposed o meet up at my parents for a quick drink before going to the restaurant around the corner…

When John-Paul showed up we all (ca 40 people) screamed “surprise”! And he was so shocked and happy!


Then we had some lovely soup and bread made by my dad, loads of vine, a great looking cake and lovely conversations and fun stuff happening. I know JP was super happy and very touched.

The theme of the party was “Wizard of Oz” (one of JP’s favorite movies) and here we have Nicklas as the Tin Man rolling out the cake!



Dorothy, I mean Miss Meadows, came and helped us prepare.

There where also some singing and playing (when you have a great piano playing father and a room full of people, what ya gonna do?) Here is me singing my favorite love song “Looking at You” to John. This I saw in a movie when I was a kid, and have been kind of dreaming about it ever since- and now i happen! It´s from he birthday scene in “Everyone Says I Love You”. I was a bit lovey-dovey and a tiny bit sleezy (or so I heard) but, seriously, that is just how we roll. I think John-Paul realyl loved it though!


We also had our gorgeous friend Klara Gratte doing the same song she sang at our wedding “Over the Rainbow” in lion outfit! (Yes we have the greatest friends!!!)


My whole family helped out a lot! I did barely even have to clean the place up!! Here is the cup-cakes my sister Fanny made:


She also helped me doing a John-Paul quiz, with very hard questions. I love this one: notice the picture attached to the question!


Here is one of the many lovely birthday gifts and cards, Fanny Kellerman did this amazing painting of John Paul.


Sunday we just stayed in bed eating left overs and parts of the gift baskets we´d gotten.

Most photos (the good ones!) is taken by Michael Kellerman –  thank you!!!


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