Felicia Bichard - artist

Felicia Bichard, more known by her alias Fräulein Frauke, is a multi disciplinary artist, performer and creator based in Stockholm, Sweden.

“I am looking at my body outside the patriarchal gaze. Of course, that is not possible. But who is interested in the possible?” – Kathy Acker re-imagne. 

She works live, with the body.
“The liveness is important to me, regardless of the medium I am working with, there is a sense of “live” in the way I work with photo creation and film making as well as live acts within performance.

I work with my body: subjectively and deliberately. I use my body as a material, a canvas, a tool and as a want/wish to project on and create on and from.”

Her work is mainly focusing on the artform burlesque, but is located in between and among styles as cabaret, variety, theater/acting, drag, (art) performance, story telling, singing and spectacle.

Felicia Bichard can also be a costume creator, a stage art producer and an independent film director.
She can be a theatrical performance maker and a fantasist: dealing with eskapism, normbreaking and exhibitsionism vs voyarism. She identifies as a fetishist.
She hopes to be a writer, a friend, a lover and a positive force in her community. She invites to talks and workshops and Plato readings.

In 2019 she wrote and performed in the solo performance play “Voltaires Girlfriend” a play about the forgotton scientist Émilie du Chatelet.
During 2021-22 she wrote, produced and directed the short film “Émilie“, inspired by the play and a continuation of telling the story of Marquise du Chatelet.

Right now she is in her second and final year of the Master program “New Performative Practices” at Stockholm University of the Arts, working on developing the way we can view and use the artform burlesque as “the sexual woman on stage” with projects including podcast “The Stripping Scholar” and the performance installation In View of the Viewer.

She is part of art and media company Bichard Studios together with partner and collaborator JP Bichard.