June 16, 2014

I LOVE cake!

So “my” (and the club Fräulein Frauke Presents) birthday party was just amazing and one of the high lights was all the cake we invited the guest’s on!

First I manage to get my fabulous husband to MAKE me a decor cake. How many times have I not needed a cake to jump out of? Countless! But now, I finally have one. It is pink and very beautiful. So for the first act, I jumped out of it and started the show of with a real birthday number, together with the three beauties of The Vaudvillans Burlesque Variety (Miss Rita Regrets, Lady Rivet and Harley Queen)


Photo by Susanne Johansson

After the number (that also featured a video from previous shows that you can see here: FFP 5 years) they went out in the crowd serving real cakes…

My lovely and super kind sister had helped us bake 220 cupcakes with different frostings and toppings! Such a treat! <3 She is THE BEST!!!



(See her cake/club blog here)

She also gave me some red , beautiful roses with the BEST card ever!



Fanny I love you!!!

Pictures saying “Bichard” is taken by John-Paul Bichard, others are “stolen” from Fanny’s blog =)


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