In View of the Viewer

In View of the Viewer
A performance installation by Fräulein Frauke

In View of the Viewer” – artist Felicia Bichard / Fräulein Frauke invites particpants, one at a time, to take part in an installation and a live act. The solo participant is filmed watching Frauke´s burlesque act and becomes the “performer” – the one being looked at by a remote audience.
The live feed is projected for a secondary audience outside of the performance space.
This video recording will then work as material in the development of a future video art work and as research material.

Questions about looking, seeing, voyeurism, self consciousness, audience and awareness arise.

Next installment of In View of the Viewer will be at Stockholm Fringe Festival – Stoff, in the beginning of September 2023

Thanks to Linn-Hilda Lamberg, Martin Hargreaves & John-Paul Bichard