The Fräulein Frauke Presents Manifesto

Open up a space. Hold it and share it.
Don t apologize.
Take a space. Take more than one.
Be verbal and open with one s intentions.
Invite and include, but set rules.

Burlesque is fun, light hearted, dramatic and glamorous.
Burlesque is angry, provoking, serious, concrete and absolute.
Sometimes burlesque is not those things.

Our intentions are
A safe(r) space

Burlesque is queer
Burlesque is intersectional
Burlesque is questioning
Burlesque is feministic

We have the right to exist, and not only to exist but to exist and flourish
We have the right to express ourselves
We are right to take up space in a place
Female and queer sexuality is not a nuisance, an “extra”, a spectacle or a problem
Female and queer sexuality IS also a SPECTACLE, a positive force and creative, theatrical material

Siblinghood – we are family, but also individuals

Our rules are
You are welcome in this space if you hold and respect this space
Use the right gender pronouns
Look and Celebrate each other and one self
Touch, flirt, talk, all with Consent