February 20, 2014

Our adventures in Paris!

In my suitecase…

We have been to Paris! Probably the most gorgeous and romantic city in the world and we had a blast! We went for a combined show trip and vacation- the best kind!

I have not been to Paris for about 6 years and never with John-Paul, so it felt really special. I have also not performed there (until now) and, it just is something special to performing in Paris…


The Paris airport is AMAZING! Totally cute and very 60´s futuristic

We stayed in a gorgeous little flat in Montmartre


This is me with Kermit graffiti (!) close to the Sacre Coeur

On Saturday I had my Paris debut! It was great! I performed at Pretty Propaganda by Louise de Ville and Minnie Valentine. I was so well looked after, and the audience was lovely. It was absolutely packed in the place, but very warm and fun feeling from everybody. With  a Valentine’s Day theme, I sang the song My Funny Valentine before stripping and fan dancing in a red costume. For my second number I did my Parisian Showgirl tribute, that I think went down really well. =)


Photo taken by Michel Veysseyre



This is between shows with Minnie and Italian lady Sylvie Bovary (Photo borrowed from Minnie)

One of this trips high-light was, without a doubt, finding paradise, I mean, the fabric and trimming district! OMG! In Sweden we dont have much, but here was better and London and almost as good as New York. Sadly I got overloaded with inspiration so I didn’t get so much stuff in the end…

Here is a fabric (one of many) department store!


We also did a lot of walking and exploring. Here is my babe <3


And the must-picture when one is in Paris:


We also went to a few museums, like this one, a beautiful “castle” kept with old rooms


Now THAT is the kind of bed I want!


They even had a picture with one of my favorite Americans: Mr Benjamin Franklin (the house was kept since the French Revolution)

With our slight obsession we also went to a museum full of stuffed animals which was a lot of fun!


In the last night I performed at THIS place! What the…


AMAZING! And here is how it looked inside:


(photo borrowed from Froufrou dÁbsinthe)

The show is called Le Burlesque Klub and produced by Valentina del Pearls. It was great and felt very special. Although a bit scary to jump on the back of the boat to reach the back stage while another performer had a show on stage. We had to climb up on a table and leap across to this high latter coming out from the boat. Me being afraid of height’s did not love it, but is was okay. The guy after me though, when he leapt, the table fell down in to the water…

1959528_10152279905745820_1777521545_n        1801379_10152279907240820_443954386_o

All and all it was a WONDERFUL trip with just the right balance of fun, shows, romance, culture, hanging out with friends (on Valentines day we meet up with lovely cabaret couple Daisy Black and Alex McAleer) and beautiful impression. I hope we can go back soon! And thanks to my hubby for being a great travel companion! <3





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