world class productions

Fräulein Frauke is also an acclaimed producer, creating numerous events, clubs, parties and theater shows over the past ten years, with Stockholm as her base, together with her “partner in crime” John-Paul Bichard and their company “Bichard Studios

Recurring Productions

* Fräulein Frauke Presents: Swedens biggest burlesque club/event! A themed masquerade burlesque and cabaret party with international guest stars and fantastic live music at Nalen. Has also toured to Ystad Teater, Storsjöyran and featured as a guest slot in bigger events.

* Stockholm Burlesque Festival: one of Europes biggest burlesque events! Set in October every year since 2010. The festival comprises two nights of international burlesque and cabaret shows, workshops, Octbooberfest and much more!

* Lyceum Cabaret: an intimate show that brings together live jazz with burlesque and poetry. At the beautiful Dramatenbaren.

* The Slayer Club: a fanlesque and nerdy tribute to 90’s TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, together with co-producer Madame Mare.

Your Event!

* Frauke and Bichard Studios can help organize any party, opening, club and event. With “only” excellent entertainment / show packages, or fully fledge evenings with venue liaison, food, transport etc. Get in touch for more information at