Fräulein Frauke – The Saucy Songbird

Fräulein Frauke she is one of Sweden´s top international burlesque showgirl´s, and her beautifully crafted acts and unusual take on classic burlesque has taken her far and wide: from all corners of Sweden via London, Cambridge, Oxford, Milan, Rome, Berlin, Hamburg, Finland, Denmark, Paris, Vienna and New York. She evokes a time and era long gone by and is a cheeky re-incarnation of a “Broadway Baby” of the 1930s, a Weimar chanteuse of the 20s and a full fledged 40s -50s MGM musical sweetheart.

Taking inspiration from the world of vaudeville, circus, old school jazz, bump ´n grind burlesque and with a healthy obsession with  The Muppet Show, lingerie, vintage erotica, sexual politics and live entertainment this dark beauty combines jazz and striptease with the flair and personality of a true star in the rising.

Her numbers are iconic and memorable: from the cheeky Snow White and Human Cupcake numbers, to more classical extravagant acts such as her operatic Bird Cather, the smouldering Birth of Venus and the strong and sexy Ant Queen. She always give her audience a `wink and a smile`, a recollection of lost and forgotten worlds and a beautiful spectacle.

With Stockholm as her base, her club: “Fräulein Frauke Presents“, has grown to be the biggest burlesque and cabaret event in Sweden. A truly creative establishment in the notorious, jazz and entertainment palace; 1930s Nalen ballroom. Here local talent: burlesque, cabaret, art and musicians are sharing the stage with some of the greatest international burlesque and cabaret stars around such as Vicky Butterfly, Lada Redstar, Laurie Hagen, Amber Ray and Cleo Viper amongst many others.

Together with her husband, the renowned English artist and photographer John-Paul Bichard they run the company Bichard Studios which acts as a creative container for their artistic and photographic endeavors. Curiosity, the will to explore and the pursuit of crazy adventures, describes the couples professional and personal encounters making for a very exciting life. Together they got voted at number 43 in the prestigious and international Burlesque Top 50 list in burlesque magazine 21 Century Burlesque 2014. This dynamic duo does not just run the club Fräulein Frauke Presents on a regular basis, they also run one of Europe´s larges burlesque event: The Stockholm Burlesque Festival. Founded in 2010 by Duchess Dubois and The Amazing Knicker Kittens, the festival is  an amazing showcase of the best Swedish and International burlesque around, with fantastic performers from all over the globe.

Fräulein Frauke continues to wow audiences with her passion, sensuality and ever expanding catalogue of entrancing numbers.

Contact her at frauke@frauleinfrauke.com




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