The Stripping Scholar

Master at Stockholm University of the Arts New Performative Practice program 2023.
For two years, Felicia delved into and explored, “the sexual woman on stage” within her own practice of burlesque and related art forms and through academia.
The installation performance work “In View of the Viewer” and the podcast “The Stripping Scholar” arose from the research and ideas explored during this time.

Burlesque within Academia – panel discussion

As part of her final presentation she invited fellow burlesque academics, within the Nordic scene, to discuss Burlesque within Academia and where Burlesque sits as a form within art, institution and contemporary society. This panel discussion took place at art/dance venue CCAP in Stockholm on April 29 2023

Fräulein Frauke / Felicia Bichard

Master graduate from SKH and international burlesque performer, singer, writer, artist and producer of The International Stockholm Burlesque Festival and Fräulein Frauke Presents.


Salli-Sofia Ritola

is a doctoral student of Ethnology at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland.
Her doctoral dissertation focuses on the politics of appearances in burlesque addressed through body and gender.
She has spent her academic career analyzing the boundary-
breaking potential of burlesque as a performance art form. Her B.A. thesis focused on revival
of burlesque in Finnish context, and her M.A. thesis focused on the Finnish history of burlesque
and the portrayal of the female body through “ethnic” and “exotic” costuming. She is a frequent
burlesque audience member, a stage kitten artist, and she is also a board member of Lahti
Burlesque ry, an association for promoting neo-burlesque in Finland. These give her profound
knowledge of the Finnish neo-burlesque culture.

Jonas Eklund

holds a PhD in Theatre Studies from Stockholm University (2019). In his dissertation The Sensational Body he explores the spectators experience of bodies on stage in Circus, Burlesque and Freak Show.

Phoenix D’vine

is a Norwegian burlesque artist and producer with a twinkle in her eye and a heart filled to the brim with politics. She’s been spinning tassels since 2013, and are part of the production team of Oslo Burlesque Festival, a member of the burlesque troupe Fifi von Tassel presents as well as a collaborator with the queer nomadic club concept Karmaklubb*. In her personal life her name is Mary Ann Skretteberg Andersen and she is working in Restart, an educational program in the queer youth organization Skeiv Ungdom. While she is teaching youth about queerness during the day she is writing her masters thesis on Burlesque as a health promotional practice in the evenings. This is through the interdisciplinary masters program “Empowerment and health promotion”.


Felicia bio

Felicia Bichard, more known by her alias Fräulein Frauke, is a multi disciplinary artist, performer and creator based in Stockholm, Sweden. Her work is mainly focusing on the artform burlesque, but is located in between and among styles as cabaret, variety, theater/acting, drag, (art) performance, story telling, singing and spectacle.

Felicia Bichard can also be a costume creator, a stage art producer and an independent film director. She can be a theatrical performance maker and a fantasist: dealing with eskapism, normbreaking and exhibitsionism vs voyarism. She identifies as a fetishist.
She hopes to be a writer, a friend, a lover and a positive force in her community. She invites to talks, movements and Plato readings.