January 27, 2014

Whaat a weekend!

This weekend has been awesome! Since January is a bit both slow and broke for most people, this was the first time this year we really had loads of  socialization to do. There was parties, meet-up´s, bubbly drinking, dog walking, cousin and family hang out and over all a lot of fun.

On Saturday we celebrated burlesque friend Ivoncita who turned 25 (!) at Rival drinking too much bubbly and mingling around. Here is a pictured (stolen from her facebook) of the gorgeous pink-haired lady:



Sunday was a real Stockholm Burlesque Festival day! First we meet up with the lovely photography duo Atelieri O. Haapala, Saara and Marco, who was here shooting for the Oscarian Ball at the Royal Opera, and where going back on the boat to Finland in the evening. They did the amazing photo booth of both performers and audience at last years festival. We hope they want to come back again!

Together we went to a vintage market and bought this little beauty for John Paul:


Then we finally had our “Thank you for the festival” cake eating get-together with part of or lovely stage crew team. It is so nice to talk about the festival, it was a real burst in to the new one, that we have started working on now. Applications for this year will be out 15th of February so the work is ON.


Here we have Duchess Dubois, Lady RahRah and Mooness <3

Duchess and RahRah actually have two (!) winning/thropies from the Octbooberfest each (Duchess won the Championship title 2010 and the technical awards the same year, and RahRah won best technique 2012 and best outfit 2913), so we joked a lot about them defeating each other to the death! =)

It was nice to snuggle up in bed with my dog, a book and some veggie treats Sunday night…



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