March 30, 2014

What a weekend!

So last weekend we got pretty bad news and so the beginning of this week has been a bit slow. But life moves on and spring is here! And this weekend has been great, and really back to business =)

It started on Thursday when I hosted our second Burlesque Dinner at Melt. It was lovely! The whole idea is that it is intimate, personal and fun, so it is really like a private dinner party, but in a gorgeous restaurant with a bit of singing and flinging. This time I was very happy to be join by my dad, Janne Sjöblom, who played the piano, which always makes it better and both some people we know and some totally new faces and burlesque “virgins” came along!


This is the perfect event in a way, because in everything else we do, we are always so busy. But here we have time to talk, to socialise and really have fun, as well as I can sing and do pretty much what ever I want, so it is very fun and creative in that way. Next dinners is planned for April 10 and may 15.


Friday had the admin focus, and we have now confirmed with a lot of VERY exciting performers for this autumns clubs, literally can’t wait!

Saturday was full speed ahead with this years first bachelorette party. We invite groups in to our home and our “pin-up home studio” for mingle and bubby. The brides gets styling, make-up and hair and a full scale pin-up shoot, as well as ending it off with a group photograph. It is a lot of fun and we meet so many lovely people! This time they where 12, and five where long-gone pregnant, so it was a bit crowded. But a great atmosphere and the bride turned out just beautifully!

Here we are posing away after the shoot:



In the evening we went back to Melt for my first “Saturday Burlesque” evening. They have burlesque shows every Saturday and it is on top of the bar. I was very nervous since i am a bit afraid of heights, but it was fine, and by the second number i had kind of got used to the space, and the audience where more going for it as well.

_JPB5065 _JPB5099

then we just sat with two friends, Karin and Klara and drank fantastic cocktails and ate chocolate covered strawberries… So… a pretty great night!


Today i am having a lazy day in bed watching movies and drinking smoothies <3

(Most photos by John-Paul Bichard)


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  • Fanny March 30, 2014

    Living a glamorous life! Ser grymt ut! Borde ses!

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