March 12, 2014

Wonderful Wonderland

This weekend have been EPIC and so much fun! Our first club of the year was just FANTASTIC and I am so happy and proud!

The theme was “Wonderland”, something very close to our hearts, since that is the theme we had on our wedding four years ago <3 We sold out, which was the first time a “normal” club had sold out before hand. (New Year and the festival have done it in the past)

There was so many gorgeous looking people!!! All dressed up just beautifully, I cant really believe it!








For example these gorgeous creatures! Even the bar staff was, as usual, amazingly dressed! See here:


All performers where amazing and a really wonderful and in a wacko mix of styles, aesthetics, and personalities… We had fab singer Ida Aurora who sang some jazz classics with the band. In Harlem we started off with a very obscure and weird double act by Sugar High and Le French Tiger and then a more classic belly dance number by Johnnie Lowlife.

The main two sets where hosted by Scotty the Blue Bunny- perfect match for this theme and so funny and wonderful on stage! Ivoncita did a super cute “Cheshire Cat” act. Evy Maroon did a very appreciated Women’s Day tribute (it was the 8th of March so worked extra well…)

We had fantastic artist and pop princess Wallenberg there doing a weird and wonderful group act all in her spectacular design and art work up on projection:


It was really special having the New York based super star Amber Ray! She was the very first burlesque performer John-Paul saw at Hootchy Kootchy a bunch of years back. I was also there (before I started performing my self) and loved her, but never meet John-Paul. So it was so nice to have her over and get to know her a bit. She is so inspiring and such a great performer. My mom loved her crazy rabbit act and said it was her favorite burlesque act ever =) (after me of course! 😉 )


Her and JP also did a shoot before she went on to Berlin and her European tour, really looking forward to see the result!


Another performer I was so pleased and proud to have over is the phenomenally talented Abigail Collins! What a woman! She is a real creative uber-performer and did two very different acts. The audience didn’t even get that it was by the same person! She also did specially made costume’s (check out the mushroom!) for this night and blew us all away!


I did a new number, and I was very nervous before hand! I am very happy with it though and will work on some improvements (had quite a bit of costume malfunctioning). It was so much fun performing with it and a quite different kind of number for me. Will show more of The Ant Queen later..


One of the loveliest memories from the night was Scotty’s great idea to do a group picture of all the rabbit in the house <3 So sweet! And so many rabbits!


The night was just magical! And afterwards we sat a bunch in the dressing room drinking bubbly, getting drunk and talking. It was the perfect ending to a perfect night <3


Photo of me and JP by Åke Cappelin (all others by John-Paul Bichard)

See more awesome pictures here:

and here:


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