December 20, 2013


Yesterday I performed at my very first wrestling game! It was interesting…


Me, Ivoncita (and her very handsome Matador Esteban) and Kwipi Lovebite from Gothenburg was invited to perform along with some of Swedens finest wrestlers for STHLM WRESTLING´s Christmas party. It was fun and a totally new experience for me, being inside the ring, felt really like a cage and it was a real challenge to reach out to the audience that sat quite far away.



I did like it though and I think it would be great to be part of a more gritty, “normal” wrestling show, with more people, later at night and with audience all around you.


It was nice though, because I did my Christmas number one more time this season. Now I dont have any shows until the grand New Year crazyness and I am working like a mad man to finish everything of! Looking so much forward to it!

But first, some actual Christmas! <3


Snow White ready to go on, taken by Ivoncita


All other pictures by John-Paul Bichard


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