Burlesque Reportoire

Fräulein Frauke is one of Sweden’s top burlesque stars renowned for her beautiful singing, extravagant and lavish costumes and intellectual creativity on stage. This dark beauty combines jazz and striptease with the glamour of Broadway and the decadence of the early twentieth century.

“Burlesque is a vintage inspired, beautiful and extravagant cabaret entertainment including some form of striptease and questioning or dealing of sexuality, norms, body image etc with a feminist point of view.”

Fräulein has performed far and wide, in everything from big international shows and festivals, to clubs, theater  shows, intimate dinners and smaller openings. With a vast experience and many numbers she can come alone, or create a show package for any venue or type of event.

She is also a jazz and cabaret singer and can come bringing showgirl flair to a party, without the full striptease, if needed.

Booking: frauke@frauleinfrauke.com

Photo: V’s Anchor Studio

Instagram feed @fraulein_frauke