March 28, 2014

Burlesque debut in Århus

A little while ago I went to the second larges city in Denmark: Århus, to perform in a beautiful little theater, Ambassaden, for a new project they have to introduce burlesque to Århus. We did a run of four nights and it was the second time people there have ever seen it!


The poster with a picture of me taken by John Paul Bichard

I had a lot of fun, to be in a theater show like that, running several nights and for a “burlesque virgin” audience was definitely a challenge, but a good one, and I feel I got a lot out of it!

The girls, and a few guys over the days, I performed with was lovely, and we got to know each other and had a lot of fun back stage, taking shameless selfies and hanging out. Here you see Henrietta the clownish bird, me, Stella Starlight, the konferencier for the third night and Vanessa from Copenhagen Burlesque.



I missed to take any photos from the stage and since I was there alone (with out my husband and partner in crime) I dont have any photos from the show! It was fun to perform any way because I did longer versions of my numbers. First I did some classic style burlesque diva singing and then The Birdcatcher act as well as the prolonged Snow White.


The hotel me and Vanessa satyed at was gorgeous, and just by the sea, so we had a beautiful view each morning for breakfast. I also did a lot of walking and got to see this beautiful town. It was a bit sad to be there alone, but also nice with all that alone time, me and JP works a lot and this was the perfect “workolliday” as Vanessa put it.

The show got really nice and positive reviews, so they will continue to develop burlesque shows, and I hope to be able to come back sometime soon! Here is from a magazine, talking about my last act: (read the whole thing in danish here)

“Then enter ‘ Fräulein Frauke ‘ again on stage, now dressed as the innocent fairy tale princess ‘Snow White ‘ . On stage, the lodging of a basket of apples from which she takes a bite of the forbidden fruit and tempts the audience to also taste the sweet fruit. Suddenly the princess transformed into a sexy showgirl who under the hooting and whistling dancing out of the clothes and finally shows her naughty and diamond-encrusted underwear.
After the show , the atmosphere is high , because it was a hell of a last dance .”




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