February 1, 2014

Different plan- spontaneous shoot

Yesterday we had a great shoot with a burlesque couple from Gothenburg (more about that later) and afterwards I was planning on heading out to this Femme-nism party at Hornstull. I was all dolled up and pretty excited, but for some reason just took way to much time, so when I was about to leave, got a text from a friend saying how packed it was and no real point of going. I was to late! =(

Instead me and John-Paul did a very short and spontaneous shoo witch was a lot of fun. It is nice when we do things that don’t have so much pressure and that it has to “lead” somewhere… Often the shoots are for a specific purpose, a poster or something like that.


We stared shooting the red suite I made last year. I am so super proud of it! I have not done anything that advanced since I went to sewing school (11 years!) and it worked really well. It is not perfect, but still… I have worn it a lot and got a lot of compliments for it.

And then we just had some fun in the studio. I was wearing my gorgeous new red underwear from Dita von Tease’s brand that I got for Christmas. It is a very rare shoot because I had not done my hair (yiiaks!) but it is good to feel pretty and confident even with “ugly” hair. I am trying to save the hair for it to be long… And it takes FOREVER to style. Usually always cut it off at this point because I can’t be bothered waiting… We will see how it goes this time. ^^


Frog in lingerie



Enjoy the photos!



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  • Fanny February 3, 2014

    Love the frog ^^

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