June 27, 2014

Drag as Art + John-Paul exhibition <3

Tonight I am of to a very exciting event: an art and drag performance / exhibition!

It is Drag as Art that is doing it’s second event in Marabouparken. It will be the famous drag artist and opera singer Prince Poppycock,  Kristian Hoffman, singer/songwriter, some kind of surprise performance from our friend Wallenberg and an photo exhibition by John-Paul Bichard!

JP took a beautiful set of portraits of the performers from the last Drag as Art show at Södra Teatern, and the photos are both glamorous and vulnerable.

Here is a little sneek peek:


Looking forward to it! Last time was great! I was in my best Bavarian Boy outfit and had company by the lovely artist COB, witch was fantastic! Since JP often, if not always, photograph when w are out, it was nice with a fabulous date for the evening. This is how w where dressed thn:


Have no idea what to wear tonight though….

Happy weekend!!


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