August 10, 2014

Magical night at Melt

I always have so much fun performing and hang out at Melt bar, but yesterday took the prize! It was just one of those great and wonderful evenings =)

I premiered a new number, witch is always scary, but it went really well, and I feel so pretty in the costume. It is a number called “Pennies From Heaven” and includes both singing and stripping. At Melt they have this beautiful, old school microphone and I love that old vintage song, my dad recorded it for me on piano.




The number isn’t completely finished yet, but getting there, will bring it next time when I go to Hamburg- think it will work really well there, but then without the singing.

After both my shows when I came back with my “normal” clothes, the whole restaurant started to clap and cheere- it was fantastic and very special <3


And I had some lovely friends coming, for example Karin and Klara

As usual it was a great night with cocktails, fun and friends. All photos saying “Bichard” is taken by John-Paul Bichard who is here seen in a picture by Felix Tatti:



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