May 23, 2014

The dramatic opening

Wow! The last two days have been pretty hectic… We had our studio opening on Wednesday and it was just wonderful! The day was crazy, with loads of details and last-minute things to do before the guest arrived. We are sharing a place in Kungsholmen, Sankt Eriksgatan 9, for our Bichard Studios together with the very lovely designer, couture tailor and “Vintagedoktorn” Linda Larssen and her Atelé O.L.D.

We will using the studio as our “head quarter” and have a photo studio as well as our office, exhibition hall, workshop room etc. For the opening we must have had just under 100 people, and the weather was perfect so a lot of people hang out outside and mingling around. I am kind of overwhelmed about all the nice well wishes, flowers, gifts and support people have given us during the last couple of days, and we really feel “wow, this is it! Let’s go for it!”


Picture borrowed from Linda.

So we had a great party, the gorgeous Ivoncita did a very hot surprise performance to promote the up-coming “Fräulein Frauke Presents” where she also will be performing, we had cupcakes, a French Maid helper, live jazz by my father and me, picture exhibition and delicious rosé wine from our sponsors René Barbier.



Afterwards a bunch of us went to the tai restaurant across the road for a meal, a perfect ending to a great and very exciting night. Our dog Mortica was at my parents so we was hanging out there for a while as well, talking about the evening. On our way home we went by the studio to pick up our lap top and when we came home we where very tired and happy. THEN we get a phone call from Linda telling us that there has been a attempted robbery, that our door is completely smashed in! So we had to take a cab back to the studio!

So crazy! There where two very drunk guys who had decided to break in “somewhere”- a total coincidence that it was at our place! Luckily we have great neighbour’s so they had contacted the police who came and took the guys inside Linda’s place, so nothing is missing, and they will pay fro the damage.

For us, i was just so weird, and sad. We had put so much work in to it and then some idiot’s just felt that it is okay to destroy it. BUT, after some sleep you start to get things in perspective. And all the support and lovely message on phone and facebook was just amazing and very heart warming <3

Thank you all so much!


All pictures labeled “Bichard” is taken by John-Paul Bichard.


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