Dress Code

Dress up!

Fräulein Frauke Presents is an immersive and exciting place for everyone to be able to live out their personalities and fantasies, and for that we have a mild, but firm dress code to our parties.

You need to “dress up” – that means not to come in casual, “everyday” wear. It can be a lot or a little – everyone is welcome – but you here have the opportunity to be whoever you want!
The different theme is what we draw inspiration from, but everything is welcomed: burlesque, tuxedos, top hats and tails, uniforms, corsets, fantasy, fetish, epoch, vintage, masks, hats etc.

Here you can see an inspiration board for burlesque: www.pinterest.se/frauleinfrauke/burlesque-audience-inspirations/

Here is an inspiration board for FFP February 17 Dark Valentine:

Also, check out our Dress inspo on Instagram: @fraulein_frauke_presents